Claremont CPA Indicted on Tax Evasion

New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald and Commissioner John T. Beardmore announce that the Hillsborough County Grand Jury indicted Thomas Katsiantonis (age 44), of Manchester, on four (4) counts of tax evasion, four (4) counts of theft, one (1) count of falsifying physical evidence and one (1) count of conspiracy to commit tax evasion.
As alleged in the indictments, Mr. Katsiantonis owned and operated both Grand Slam Pizza II and Tommy K’s Restaurant and Bar. The theft charges allege that Mr. Katsiantonis, as owner and operator of Grand Slam Pizza II, stole over $277,000 in monthly meals and rentals tax payments from June 1, 2011 through January 31, 2017 and as owner and operator of Tommy K’s Restaurant and Bar stole over $146,000 in such payments from May 1, 2015 through January 31, 2017. Mr. Katsiantonis was also indicted on four (4) counts of tax evasion related to Grand Slam Pizza II’s business profit taxes from 2007, 2012, 2013 and 2014, as well as on charges related to a DRA audit of Grand Slam Pizza II.
Darvi Rosenberg (age 62), CPA, of Claremont, was indicted on one (1) count of conspiracy to commit tax evasion. As alleged in the indictment, Mr. Rosenberg’s charge stems from his involvement in a conspiracy with Mr. Katsiantonis to evade unlawfully Grand Slam Pizza II’s and Mr. Katsiantonis’s tax obligations. Among other alleged acts, Mr. Rosenberg produced fraudulent records to auditors, attempted to impair or impede the DRA’s audit and also caused false or misleading statements to be made to DRA auditors.
Both defendants are scheduled to be arraigned on July 21, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.
The Department of Revenue Administration and the Attorney General’s Office continue to investigate revenue suppression related to the State’s tax programs. If you have information related to revenue suppression or tax fraud, please visit the Department of Revenue Administration’s website at or send an e-mail to or call the Tax Fraud Hotline at 603-230-5030

Teen Facing Multiple Charges in Car Thefts

On June 20th the Farmington Maine Police Department took the juvenile into custody after a lengthy search.  He is currently being held on charges being brought by the Farmington Police Department and the Waldo County Sheriff’s Department.

Charges include Burglary, Theft by unauthorized taking, Aggravated Criminal Mischief, Unauthorized Use of propelled Motor Vehicle, Operating without a valid license, Failure to stop for Police Officer and Driving to Endanger.

New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine Authorities continue to investigate.

Man Posing As Police Officer in Springfield VT

On the evening of Wednesday, June 21st, a teenage girl contacted the Springfield Police Department to report that a suspicious male had exited his vehicle and gotten out to speak with her while she was walking alone along South Street at approximately 7:00pm that evening.

The man reportedly flashed an identification card that said “Springfield Police Department” on it, and he identified himself as an undercover officer.

The man reportedly asked the girl to show him that she was not in possession of drugs.  The man then got back into his car and drove-off headed southbound on South Street.

The description of the man was as follows: white, 6’1″, thin, 30s, clean shaven, short and very curly black hair, raspy voice, camouflage shorts, black tank top, and black shoes.

The man reportedly smelled as though he had smoked marijuana.  The man was said to be driving a black or brown, Vermont registered, Subaru station wagon with tinted windows and an antenna on top.

If anyone has any information as to the identity of this person, they are asked to contact Sergeant Gregory Molgano at 802-885-2113.  The public should be aware that no such individual is employed as an officer by the Town of Springfield.

NH Is Experiencing an Outbreak of Syphilis

Concord, NH – New Hampshire is experiencing an outbreak of syphilis, as the number of reported cases in New Hampshire for 2017 is about double that of previous years. From January through May of this year, forty-two cases of syphilis, a reportable sexually transmitted disease (STD), were identified. That is an increase compared with the past 5 years, when an average of 20 cases were reported during those months.

Between 2012 and 2016, there were on average approximately 80 total cases per year of the disease reported in New Hampshire, with 2016 having the highest number of 104 cases reported for the entire year. The outbreak in New Hampshire is consistent with national trends and is being seen mainly in men under age 40 and in men who have sex with men (MSM). Approximately 60% of cases have been in Hillsborough and Rockingham Counties.

“Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that can have serious health consequences if left untreated, but it can be cured when a person is diagnosed and given the right antibiotics,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan. “Syphilis was close to being eliminated in the United States back in 2000, but over the last decade it has been making a resurgence, and unfortunately, New Hampshire is not immune to the impact of increasing STDs.” Continue reading

Annual Meeting of Sullivan County Convention

The Annual Meeting of the Sullivan County Convention is next Thursday.  The annual meeting is to consider the 2018 Fiscal Year proposed budget. The meeting is on Thursday, June 29th in the Lou Thompson Room at the Sugar River Valley Technical Center at 243 North Main Street in Newport at 6:00 pm. The public is invited to attend. A full agenda will be posted on the County’s website by the end of business day on Wednesday, June 28th.

Chester VT Man Faces Multiple Charges

A Chester VT man is facing multiple charges after police said he attempted to burglarize a Cavendish home on Monday morning.  Vermont State Police said while investigating the case a Chester police officer discovered Nico R. Spauding’s vehicle near the scene. After an investigation police discovered Spauding had entered the Cavendish residence unlawfully and attempted to gain further access into the home by force. The Spauding was also driving a motor vehicle with a criminally suspended license in addition to being in violation of previously issued conditions of release. Police arrested Spauding for Driving with a Criminal Suspended License, Unlawful Trespass, Attempted Burglary, and Violation of Conditions of Release. Spauding is lodged at the Southern State Correctional Facility for lack of bail.

Police Search for Teen Believed Responsible for 11 Car Thefts

A vehicle crash in Stewartstown NH has lead police to search for an NH teen, alleged to have stolen cars in NH, VT and ME.  NH State Police said on Sunday when they arrived at a rollover accident on Route 3 in Stewartstown they found the driver had fled the scene.

An investigation showed the vehicle was taken from Clarksville NH. While searching for the driver, a report of a stolen pickup truck from Stratford, the truck’s owner reported another vehicle was left nearby, which was found to be stolen. The truck from Stratford was located in a ditch in Stratford.  A State Police K-9 was used to search for the suspect and during that search; another vehicle was reported stolen from Northumberland.

The vehicle taken from Northumberland was found crashed in Maine where two more vehicles were reported stolen.  Police have determined that 11 vehicles were stolen from NH, VT and ME.

State Police believe a juvenile from Campton NH is behind the string of thefts and he was last seen in Maine.  The Campton Police are also investigating two stolen vehicles from their town and are working with the State Police to help locate the teen.

State Issues Cyanobacteria Advisory for Elm Brook Park Beach

Concord, NH – An elevated cyanobacteria cell concentration has been measured in Hopkinton-Everett Lake at the Elm Brook Park Beach in Hopkinton. Samples revealed that the state threshold of 70,000 cells / ml or greater of cyanobacteria was exceeded. The cyanobacteria were identified as Anabaena and Woronichinia. As a result, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) has issued a cyanobacteria advisory at the beach area for those who recreate at Elm Brook Park Beach. The heaviest bloom areas were observed near the boat ramp and appear either as a scum on the surface or small blue-green clumps suspended in the water column. Please continue to monitor your individual shoreline for changing conditions.

This warning is not based on a toxin evaluation and is intended as a precautionary measure for short term exposure. NHDES advises lake users to avoid contact with the water in areas experiencing elevated cyanobacteria cell conditions typically where lake water has a surface scum or blue-green flecks. NHDES also advises pet owners to keep their pets out of any waters that have a surface scum or blue-green or bright green flecks.

NHDES routinely monitors public beaches and public waters of the state for cyanobacteria. Once a cyanobacteria warning has been issued, NHDES returns to affected waterbodies on a weekly basis until the cyanobacteria standards are again met. Cyanobacteria are natural components of water bodies worldwide, but blooms and surface scums may form when excess phosphorus is available to the water. Some cyanobacteria produce toxins that are stored within the cells but released upon cell death. Toxins can cause both acute and chronic health effects that range in severity. Acute health effects include irritation of skin and mucous membranes, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Chronic effects include liver and central nervous system damage.

The warning went into effect on June 19, 2017, and will remain in effect until additional samples reveal cyanobacteria levels have diminished.

Storms Close Roads Throughout Area

Yesterday’s storms caused havoc in the area with roads, electric outages, accidents, and even mudslides.  Heavy rains damaged road in Newbury and Goshen. In Newbury, NH DOT crews worked around Brookside Road and Coburn Farm on Route 103 and Cheney Road was closed at Chalk Pond due to road conditions.

The NH DOT also assisted Goshen with the flooding over Route 10 South – at the Mummery Road intersection. Goshen’s Highway Department was out working on various roads damaged from the heavy rains.

In Cornish, a car hit a utility pole on Route 12-A, and Hanover residents lost power in the area of Dunster Drive due to a blown fuse.

The weather also created havoc in Vermont with New Boston Rd in Norwich VT being closed for a while after a tree and wires fell on the road.

Vermont also experienced several mudslides during the storms.  Route 5 in Westminster was closed for a large mudslide across the road as well as Route 9 near Brattleboro.

NH AG Warns of Deceptive Tobacco Settlement

New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald and Revenue Commissioner John T. Beardmore warn of recent deceptive advertisements related to the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. These advertisements mislead consumers into believing they are eligible to receive tobacco settlement money.

The online advertisements lead consumers to believe that they can claim thousands of dollars per month from the tobacco settlement through a special program. The advertisements, which promise a tax-free portion of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, misleads consumers into believing they are eligible for guaranteed money backed by the government. The advertisements emphasize the receipt of these funds when in reality at the end of the advertisement, consumers are prompted to purchase a subscription in order to learn more about how to receive these funds. Once a subscription is paid for by credit card, it may be difficult to cancel.

In 1998, the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement was signed by the four largest U.S. tobacco companies, 46 states, five territories and the District of Columbia. The settlement resolved several lawsuits against the tobacco industry for tobacco-related health care costs. The settlement monies were used for various purposes amongst the states including in New Hampshire. There is no provision for payments to individuals.

Consumers with additional questions or concerns about this or other consumer protection issues, can call the Attorney General’s consumer hotline at 888-468-4454 or by filing a written complaint.  That complaint form is found at: