Charlestown Woman Tied Up and Robbed

charlestown robberyOn Monday, May 4, 2015 just after 8:30 am hours, the Charlestown Police and NH State Police responded to 437 River Road (Route 12A), Charlestown for a report of a burglary, in which a 60 year old woman was found tied up in her basement in critical condition due to an existing medical condition. The victim was taken to Valley Regional Hospital where she remains in stable condition.

Based on the initial investigation, Sunday, May 3rd at approximately 1050 pm, it appears that two male subjects surpised the victim inside her residence when she let her dog out. She fought with the two males who over powered her, bound her and left her in the basement, where she was discovered 9 hours later by a contractor doing work on the home. Taken during the the robbery were several items of jewelry, as well as several gold and silver coins and bars.

The suspects are believed to be white males , possibly in the their twenties or early thirties. Attached are photographs taken from the video surveillance at the victim’s home.

Anyone with any information is urged to call the New Hampshire State Police – Troop C: Tr Aaron Gillis or Sgt. Shawn Skahan, 603-223-8494

4 thoughts on “Charlestown Woman Tied Up and Robbed

  1. Tanya

    Dear Lord I hope they are found and pray she is okay! Thank goodness there was a contractor working on her home!!

    1. Brett

      Actually, generally it’s the source. While the owner and most of the crews are legit honest and perform perfectly they often hire drug users and those with lengthy criminal records who either later rob or act as scouts for those who do. Easy way to learn the inside of someones house, security, habits. They likely knew she lets her dog out at a certain time each night, where things where etc. Im sure the police are on it, and glad she was found. Not accusing the contractor, but in general, be careful who you let inside your home…people just suck.

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  3. Marie

    Very Sad. There are so many people in today’s world who seem angry a large % of the time and ready to fly off the handle ( road rage, assault, domestic violence, rape, school shootings, murders) the list goes on. In this situation, of elder abuse, breaking and entering, theft , and frightening and traumatizing this poor woman, (sounds like domestic terrorism to me ) just validates how horribly selfish, and cruel people can be to satisfy their own self serving wants. There was a time when most people had a conscience, and people could safely go to school, work, shopping, but from what I hear on our news every day that freedom and lifestyle has become so compromised. I agree 2 million% that people need to be held accountable for their actions, and I believe incarceration provides a way to take people off the street, however accountability seems to stop there. People serve their time in jail and then get released. I really have to ask what specifically has happened to rehabilitate offenders before they are released? If substance abuse or mental illness is an issue when they go to jail and there isn’t any kind of effective interventional treatment while in jail, then absolutely nothing has changed. I think that it is unrealistic to think these people are even capable of transitioning into life in the community without ongoing support. For instance a program to assist people get jobs in spite of their having been in jail, a safe healthy place to live that would support success, rather than returning to old bad habits, money to actually purchase much needed medication to help people maintain stability. If as a community, we want people to live a productive life, then we need to provide the community with the much needed resource to show people another way to live. Resources that are actually reachable by the people who need them. I believe in sliding scale monetary payments for services, but if a person has zero income, the sliding scale really doesn’t seem to apply.


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