Violations Found at Mt. Ascutney Hospital

mt. ascutney hospitalalA State inspection at Mount Ascutney Hospital in Vermont revealed numerous lapses in patient care and record keeping practices.
According to the Valley News and Becker’s Hospital Review, the Dec. 9 inspection showed the hospital failed to take adequate measures to prevent a terminal cancer patient from falling six times in six weeks and did not document four of the falls.
The hospital also failed to determine the risks of a fall in a stroke patient and failed three times to document the need for restraints. A third patient incident in the report said the hospital did not put a care plan in place according to the wishes of the patient admitted in November who was treated for heart failure. Nothing in the care plan indicated the patient was transitioned receive only comfort measures during his final days.
Mt. Ascutney Hospital has made a plan for correction. Under the plan, the hospital has committed to beefing up care planning, assessments of patients’ fall risks, training and record keeping when falls occur or restraints are used.

1 thought on “Violations Found at Mt. Ascutney Hospital

  1. Tracy J. Johnson

    Doesn’t surprise me, my mother was there for rehab of a heart surgery. Wouldn’t accept a wheelchair ambulance ride home to be accessible,and stated that my 86 yr old mother could get in and out of an automobile with assist of her daughters. Really! with oxygen and as fragile as my mother state was and still is? Came home with a walker. Don’t worry we paid for the ambulance ride home our selves. Wasn’t happy with nurse’s/care giver’s planning of care. During Nov/Dec.2015


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