Croydon School District Fights for Students’ Education

Virginia Barry

Erin McIntyre Attorney for the State and Virginia Barry BOE Commissioner listen to testimony

Croydon residents and school choice proponents filled Sullivan County Superior Court yesterday afternoon for NH Board of Education vs. Croydon School District. The State Board of Education was seeking a permanent injunction to stop Croydon School District from sending students to private schools.

The state argued that private schools may not be meeting adequacy requirements and that the law prevents using public funds for private schools.

Three parents who have or had students attending private schools testified saying they weren’t sure their students received an adequate education while attending Newport Schools since Newport were deemed a District in need of improvement for several years.

Croydon School District’s Attorney Sean  List and Chuck Douglas argued that the law says “not limited to” when referring to public schools allows  for students to be assigned to private schools.

Jim Peschke a member of the Croydon School Board and  former Chair  when Croydon started choice said he thought the hearing went well.

Attorney Sean List said he has how now idea which way Judge Brian Tucker is leaning.

Judge Brian Tucker will notify Croydon School District and the State Board of Education of his decision by mail.

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