Towle School to Close for 2016-17 School Year

towle_school_1Newport’s Towle School will be closed. The building will no longer be the elementary school for fifth and sixth grades starting with the 2016-2017 school year. The Newport School Board voted unanimously to move fifth graders to Richards School and sixth graders to the Newport Middle High School. The vote came after a public comment session where only Kurt Menich expressed his desire to sell the building and use the proceeds for a gym at Newport Middle High.

Towle school gym is the only school that houses a regulation size gym.  The gyms at Richards Elementary and the Middle High School are both 3/4 size and cannot accommodate basketball games.No plans for the building were  discussed, but Finance Manager Terry Wiggins said shutting the building down will save money.

The Administration has until April 15 to notify all certified staff if their positions will be lost.




5 thoughts on “Towle School to Close for 2016-17 School Year

  1. Chris Melcher

    This is sad really is but maybe it can be made for new town office or expand our fire station make that the new home for apparatus

  2. Shawn Pitcher

    This is dumb if you ask me. Richards elementary school gym is still brand new and huge. Keep the school up and running and just work on the high school gym. To many people are going to loose their job. This school has been here longer than most of you guys. This is historic and its wrong to sell history from that town.


    What is wrong with this decision ,,, it is time to clean out the newport school board it is time for new blood , people that care about our children , why isn’t there a nice rec center put in for the newport kids one like claremont ,,, maybe take some of the pay from the town select men and we could afford this you board members ought to be ashamed of your self and this is so not right on many levels ,,


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