Newbury Man Arrested for Poaching and Drugs

PoacherA Newbury NH man was charged on multiple charges including poaching and possession of methamphetamine in Portsmouth District Court today.  The NH Fish and Game officers arrested Drew Hankins 27, for taking of American eels after an incident at the  Hampton Falls River.

Officers obtained a search warrant for Hankins’ vehicle, where they found equipment for taking American eels, methamphetamines and a large amount of cash.

Hankins was charged with 6 counts of Taking American Eels Less than 9 Inches in Length, 1 count of Taking American Eels Without a Harvest Permit, Falsifying Physical Evidence, Disobeying a Conservation Officer, and Possession of a Controlled Drug. He is being held on $5,000 cash bail.



4 thoughts on “Newbury Man Arrested for Poaching and Drugs

    1. Emily Jerome

      You know Kim, a few years ago, I would probably say the same thing. However, I have known this person since middle school.It’s really heart- breaking to see someone, especially someone you’ve grown up with, to go down this path. It may not be the best picture but, clearly he is someone who needs help. Although you’re entitled to free speech, I ask you kindly that before next time you react on impulse, please think of what this person may be going through and who they were before resorting to this life style. I just feel a lot of people forget that these people suffering from addiction are still people too.

      1. Sue Rayno

        Drew was a sweet boy and grew up making some mistakes but he would help out anyone he could. If he was my son, I’d feel badly for the road to addiction, but still be proud of his loyalty and kindness to friends.

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