VT Woman Arrested For Bringing Drugs Into NH Prison

concord drug bustNH State Police arrested an Eden Mills VT woman after she brought $23,000 worth of drugs into the prison in Concord. Police say 30-year-old Siera Maskell allegedly had 74 Suboxone strips, cocaine, Ritalin, and drug paraphernalia during visiting hours at the men’s prison. Maskell was arrested before she reached the facility, and police believe she was working with inmate Ronald Truell who is currently serving a 2-15 year sentence for Robbery.

Maskell will be arraigned on June 3, 2016 at 8:00 am in Concord District Court for charges of Conspiracy to Introduce Articles to Prisoners and Possession of Controlled Drugs.

Anyone with further information regarding the investigation is asked to contact Trooper Sloper at (603)271-0428 or Investigator Jim Azzara (603)271-6068.

6 thoughts on “VT Woman Arrested For Bringing Drugs Into NH Prison

  1. Crystal Peno

    People need to stop and think of what this family is going through. Addiction is a serious issue in this state. No she should not have been smuggling drugs into jail but we don’t know the whole story. I just hope these people get the help they need to over come their addiction. It’s sad to see a classmate in this position .

  2. Sarah

    What’s wrong with people is that they judge others before looking at themselves! There was one perfect man who ever walked this earth and his name is Jesus Christ! Life is full of mistakes of all kinds and the book of truth says all works for good even the bad. So remember this when you condemn people if you don’t know the real truth about a situation you really have no say at all!


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