Newport Residents Face Fee Increases

newport_fall_banner3Newport residents can expect increased fees on car registrations, burial plots as well as rentals of the Opera House and Town Common.  After several public hearings on Monday night, the Select Board voted unanimously for the increases effective July 1, 2016.

The first was to establish a Municipal Transportation Capital Reserve Fund and to collect an additional motor vehicle registration fee of $5.00 as allowed by RSA 261:153. The fund will support improvements to the Town’s transportation system, specifically roads and bridges.

In addition grave plots, interments and disinterments will see increases depending on the size of the plot and whether it interments are done in the winter or summer.

Rentals for the Newport Opera House will now be $300.00 for the day, with a security deposit of $250.00 and $100.00 Set Up/Cleanup Fee.

Amended and/or new fees for use of the Town Common are $150 Security Deposit and $100 Daily Rental Fee.


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