VT Dr. Charged With Prescription Fraud

Dr.CanonA Vermont Dr. has lost her license and is charged with 8 counts of prescription fraud. Vermont State Police say Dr. Melanie M. Canon 49 was arrested  after an investigation into prescription fraud that began last January.

Dr. Melanie M. Canon was regularly seeing patients outside of normal practice and conducting home visits.  The doctor admitted to never keeping patient notes or charts for any of her patient visits or care from July 2015 – March 2016.

An investigation, with the assistance of DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the Vermont Board of Medical Practice investigators, revealed at least (8) occasions when Canon prescribed a prescription narcotic and retrieved those prescriptions from the pharmacy without the knowledge of her patients.

Canon allegedly diverted/ falsely prescribed over 1200 Oxycodone tablets from her patients for her own use.

Canon submitted to a cessation of her license to practice medicine in Vermont on April16 and will appear on June 14, in Windham Criminal Court to answer the charges.

Canon practiced family medicine in Harlem NY before moving her  practice to Londonderry VT in 2013.

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