Newport Moves Toward One Financial House

Newport School Board 2016Newport School Board took another step forward on Thursday to unite the school district under one financial house with the town. The board voted unanimously to keep Terry Wiggins as business administrator for the next school year instead of hiring a business director.  A business director’s salary would be $20,000 less. Wiggins is the business administrator for SAU 43, which is comprised of Newport and Croydon school districts.  The joint SAU dissolves at the end of this school year. The board is planning on a year transition before the town’s Finance Director Paul Brown can take the reins of the school district’s budget. Board member Virginia Irwin expressed her feelings on hiring a business administrator. Superintendent Cindy Gallagher will meet with Newport Town Manager Shane O’Keefe and Finance Director Paul Brown later this month to discuss plans for the joint financial house. The school district and town hope that by combining their financial and other services it will lower expenses and tax rate for residents.

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