Cowdry Arraigned for Negligent Homicide

CowdryOn Thursday Daniel Cowdry was arraigned at the Lebanon District Court on the charges of Negligent Homicide and Felony Aggravated Driving under the Influence of Alcohol. He was ordered held on $25,000 cash bail.

lebanon crash 1

Cowdry was driving under the influence and going the wrong way on I-89 S near Exit 20 just before 9 pm on Wednesday. Cowdry crashed head on into Ellyn Koelsch’s 34 of North Kingston RI. Koelsch was pronounced dead at the scene and a four-year male passenger in her car was taken to D.H.M.C. with serious injuries.

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One thought on “Cowdry Arraigned for Negligent Homicide

  1. Wendy

    He took a life of a beautiful wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin, loved one – just by choosing to drive under the influence. He changed so many people’s world by his decision to get behind a wheel of his vehicle. Ellyn was everything you could ask for in a person and more. Now her 4 year old son, husband, parents, siblings, loved ones will hold onto the many memories that Ellyn left to them and pray that this man can make life changes to benefit people not destroy them. He has a life to live – may he make positive choices for his sake and others.


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