Successful Night for Chicken Farmer

Chicken Farmer

L-R Danielle MacConnell, Natalie Phillips, and Teriko MacConnell

The Chicken Farmer movie was shown to a full house on Friday evening. Area residents packed the Library Arts Center to see the story behind the legendary “I Still Love You Chicken Farmer Rock” on Route 103 in Newbury.

Natalie Phillips wrote the screenplay from a short story written by Danielle MacConnell who graduated from Newport Middle High School. MacConnell’s grandparents, The LaPortes live on Lake Sunapee in Newbury and she grew up hearing stories about the rock that was featured in “Chicken Soup for the Lover’s Soul.”

Danielle said she was please with the community liked their version.

Natalie Phillips said the reception of the film exceeded her expectations.

The Chicken Farmer was made as Natalie’s graduate project at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ. Because of copyright agreements with the Dickerson and music used in the film, there are no CD’s available. It will be shown at small film festival throughout the US.

2 thoughts on “Successful Night for Chicken Farmer

  1. Joyce LaPorte

    I missed this showing but would have like to see it…I wish they would figure out a way to re-show it in the area.


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