Mascoma Community Health Center Breaks Ground

Mascoma health centerMascoma Community Healthcare broke ground on a new health care facility on Tuesday.  The Healthcare facility will serve the health needs of the five Mascoma towns; Canaan, Dorchester, Enfield, Grafton and Orange. So far the organization has

  • Raised $530,000 in local contributions.
  • Received a commitment for $3,487,000 in loans for the land, building, and equipment.
  • Have a bridge loan offer from Bank of New Hampshire.
  • Completed all designs and engineering.
  • Prequalified 9 general contractors
  • Received a low bid of $2,520,000 submitted by North Branch Construction on February 19, 2016.
  • Purchased Site February 11, 2016.
  • Started recruitment of personnel..
  • Negotiated a plan for merger of an existing Upper Valley medical practice into the clinic.
  • Formed a committee of people experienced in self-insurance to create community health insurance policies that capture the savings from the new Health Center.

Canaan’s Town Administrator Mike Samson will be on Live and Local on Thursday to discuss the benefits and updates of the Community Health Care facility.




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