AG’s Office Issues Consumer Alert

consumer alertAttorney General Joseph A. Foster issues the following consumer alert to citizens of the
State of New Hampshire:
All nonprofit charitable organizations doing business in New Hampshire must register
with and report to the NH Department of Justice Charitable Trusts Unit. In order to solicit
donations, the charity must be in good standing with this office. Organizations that wish to
conduct a raffle are required to obtain a raffle permit from the city or town in which the prize will be awarded.
Recently, the Charitable Trust Unit has received complaints from consumers who
purchased raffle tickets to support an organization named Smile God Loves U Foundation. While it was created as a New Hampshire non-profit corporation to help people get treatment for heroin addiction, t is not a registered charity with this office.
Smile God Loves U sold raffle tickets to benefit a substance abuse treatment center. The
ticket price was $50 and offered a chance to win two snowmobiles with a trailer or $12,500 cash.
The winning ticket was to be drawn at a local establishment on January 30, 2016 at 12:00 P.M.
The drawing did not take place. When consumers called Smile God Loves U, they were advised that the organization had not sold enough tickets to award the prizes. Although one purchaser did manage to get back the ticket price, it is unclear whether all purchasers have received refunds.
Also, the substance abuse center received no funds from the raffle.
Attempts to resolve the matter with Smile God Loves U have not succeeded. Therefore
the Attorney General suggests that consumers who bought raffle tickets should contact Smile God Loves U to seek a refund. The Attorney General also urges caution if consumers are approached to donate money or buy raffle tickets from the organization.
Consumers with any information concerning this organization should contact the
Charitable Trusts Unit at 603-271-3591.

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