Stevens to Return to 4×4 Block Schedule

stevens HSStevens’ High School students will return to the former 4X4 block schedule from 2014 for school year 2016-17. The move comes after two offers from the Claremont School Board to the Sugar River Educational Association (SREA) to resolve the issues with the new schedule failed.
On Thursday, the New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board (PELRB) issued a ruling ordering the Claremont School District to revert to the former Stevens High School 4X4 block schedule for the upcoming school year.
At this time, the School Board is considering an interlocutory appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.
However, to ensure Stevens students are served regardless of any continued legal proceedings, the following changes are now being considered for 2016-2017:
• Students’ and teachers’ schedules.
• Discontinue advisory periods.
• Discontinue flex block
•Adjust the 2016-2017 Program of Study, student handbook, core academic course sequencing, curriculum documents, and programs in place for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Regional accrediting association visit for this October.
• Also the 8% additional SHS staff compensation planned for 2016-2017 will be eliminated.

2 thoughts on “Stevens to Return to 4×4 Block Schedule

  1. trina morton

    i feel that getting rid of the flex block is wrong since I it helped my kids last year in school and kept them from failing


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