Chester VT Man Facing Multiple Charges

McCoolA Chester VT man is facing multiple charges after he assaulted a female and then fled with an axe. Chester Police say the incident happened just after 10:30 pm on Friday. Shortly after arriving at the scene at Highland Court officers say they received a report that a man was at the Jiffy Mart with an ax who then fled into the woods. Officers eventually located James McCool who was taken into custody after resisting arrest. McCool was lodged at the Southern State Correctional Facility for lack of $2,500 bail. He will  appear in Windsor Criminal Court Monday to answer the charges of Domestic Assault, Resisting Arrest , Violations of Conditions of Release, Unlawful Mischief, Operation without Owners Consent, Criminal Threatening, Disorderly Conduct, and Offense Committed within the Presence of a Child.

One thought on “Chester VT Man Facing Multiple Charges

  1. Richard Ley

    This should be a lesson to people who think that gun control is necessary in the state that is the safest in the nation

    That is correct Vermont is the safest state in the nation as far as guns go and anyone can check this through FBI statistics which is the only true statistics for guns throughout the country

    In the state of Vermont all quotes X people in favor of gun control are based on a survey done by Castleton College which has been proven to be a very flawed survey

    This article goes to point out that when people want to do harm to others they will always find a way… most recently a truck was used to kill many people… this man has an axe… what will the next guy use?

    I am sick of liberals crying for gun control with every breath they take when we live in a state that they do nothing about mental health issues for people in that is the leading cause of the destruction and the killings that have taken place in America

    It is time to elect officials and our government that don’t want to tax and spend the hard-working people of Vermont money but want to do things that make sense that are affordable and make us a viable State again


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