Croydon Students Must Attend Public Schools

croydon village schoolCroydon students who attend the Newport Montessori School will not be allowed to have their tuition paid by the town. Sullivan County Superior Court Judge Brian Tucker issued the decision on Friday on the case that was heard in March. The judge sided with the State Board of Education who argued that private schools may not be meeting adequacy requirements and that the law prevents using public funds for private schools. The state won the permanent injunction they requested but back tuition or legal cost does not have to be paid by Croydon. The Croydon School Board will meet on Thursday August 4 at 6:30 to discuss this matter and the public is invited to attend. See related story here.

1 thought on “Croydon Students Must Attend Public Schools

  1. Diane Richardson

    very sad. People (anywhere in NH) should be able to send their child to ANY school they choose as long as they pay tuition costs above what the town has budgeted for each child’s school cost


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