Lebanon Heroin Arrests

lebanon drug bust 814Two local men will appear in Lebanon district court today to face various drug charges. Lebanon Police arrested Brock Richardson 30 years old of Enfield New Hampshire for 2 counts of Heroin Possession with intent to sell and Caleb Dumont-Willey 21 of Lebanon for possession of heroin.
The arrests stem from a 911 call to a Perley Ave residence on Saturday night for a drug overdose. Police officers and members of the fire department revived a 32-year-old male through CPR and Narcan.
An investigation led to the arrest of Richardson for selling heroin marked Game of Thrones to the victim.  Police also discovered Richardson also sold heroin to of Dumont Willie.
Lebanon Police say heroin is always potentially lethal but this particular batch led to an overdose and near death and appears to have a high potency level.

One thought on “Lebanon Heroin Arrests

  1. Jidy

    I understand wanting to get these dealers off the streets but more people are gonna die because they are going to be more affraid to call for help!!


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