Missing Bradford Man Located

NH-Fish-GameHillsborough, NH– A 42 year old man from Bradford has been located after missing for several hours.Michael J. Oliver of Bradford, NH was located after becoming disoriented on ATV trails in the Hillsborough area. Mr. Oliver was walking on an ATV trail in Hillsborough today, September 11, 2016, at approximately 11:00 AM. At some point he became disoriented and was unable to find his way back to his starting point.

At approximately 5:00PM New Hampshire Conservation Officers were contacted to search the area for Mr. Oliver. Family members stated that he was familiar with the trails in the area and felt that he would attempt to walk to his home in Bradford from Hillsborough. Around 3:00 PM the family members felt that he should have returned home, and were concerned for his well-being, due to health issues. When he did not return, they contacted Bradford Police. After Bradford Police received this information they then contacted the Fish and Game Department.

While the search effort was being organized by Conservation Officers, Mr. Oliver’s son was able to make cell phone contact with him. Mr. Oliver was unable to tell his son where he was. Mr. Oliver took a photograph of his location and text it to his family. His son recognized the area from the photograph and was able to locate him on a trail in Warner.

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