No Charges For Officer Shooting Pit Bull

HartfordTownSealNo criminal charges will be brought against a Hartford VT Police Officer who shot and killed a Pit Bull on June 26 at the Watson Upper Valley Dog Park. According to the investigation report off-duty Hartford PD Officer Logan Scelza was at the Watson Upper Valley Dog Park with his two huskies, Kato and Echo along with Cheryl Gray with Justin Demers’ pit bull, Diesel.. Kato growled at Diesel and the dogs began fighting with Diesel biting and latching onto Kato’s neck. Several attempts were made by Scelza to physically get the pit bull off his dog before he fired warning shots and eventually shot the pit bull with his service weapon. Kato was brought to a local veterinary’s office for treatment of injuries to the throat that included a laceration requiring sutures and two perforations. The Attorney General’s Office concluded that Scelza was reasonable in his belief that killing Diesel was reasonably necessary to prevent injury to his dog. Scelza used a variety of non-lethal options prior to resorting to the use of his firearm. Under those circumstances, Scelza’s decision to use deadly force was reasonable and justified



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