Newport Man Arrested for Marijuana Grow


newport-marijuana-growThe Newport Police Department announces the arrest of a Newport resident, as part of a brief investigation into the cultivation of Marijuana.

The investigation and subsequent arrest is the result of the Newport Police Department receiving information on the health and welfare of a South Main Street resident who had made suicidal threats.  While looking for the subject of those threats, officers observed the elaborate growing operation.  Based on those observations, a search warrant was sought and obtained for the residence and was later executed.  The search resulted in the seizure of approximately 25 marijuana plants all ranging in height from one to three feet tall.  Also seized were growing implements to in aid in the cultivation as well as paraphernalia for smoking the drug.

Mature marijuana plants have the ability to produce up to one pound of marijuana per plant with an average value of approximately $3000 dollars per pound.  The plants in this case were not yet mature but were well established

Arrested was Jonathan Weaver age 28

As a result of the investigation, and evidence obtained from the search warrant, Weaver was charged with the manufacture of controlled drug, a class B felony.  Class B felonies can be punished with a minimum of 3 ½ years, and up to a maximum of 7 years in prison and a fine of up to $2,000 dollars.   Weaver was initially held on $10,000 dollars’ cash bail and was later arraigned in the 5th Circuit Court, Newport District Division on September 21st.  At that time his bail was set at $2,500 dollars cash pending a probable cause hearing on October 3rd at the Claremont District Division of the 5th Circuit court.

According to Chief Burroughs, “The Newport Police Department will continue to aggressively investigate any case involving the cultivation, sales or use of drugs in Newport.”

One thought on “Newport Man Arrested for Marijuana Grow

  1. James Martin

    Seriously in todays day and age this entire arrest seems like a waste of time & money. Who really cares if this punk kid was growing some pot. Burroughs & his class of gestapos have built this kid up to be the kingpin of Newport. I mean honestly you don’t have to look very hard to find hardcore drugs (which pot is not in the grand scheme of things) less than a stones throw from his cop shop, located right in the center of the shithole town of Newport. Oh and by the way, if he hasn’t crossed over to heavier shit yet he defintely will now after how these bs convictions effect his reputation thanks to the local leos of this town, so congratulations on that note too. To be brutally honest, I think that fat slob Burroughs needs to get some of his priorities straight. Especially when you consider that “Newport drug curve” pot should be the least of his worries. He is a horrible representation of a law enforcement leader. Need help pal here’s a hint: stop stuffing your facehole up in your office & put the twinkie box down for a sec then investigate some heroin or the new wave of meth entering your wonderful little “sunshine town”.


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