Avoid Tick Bites to Prevent Anaplasmosis

black-leg-tickThe Vermont Public Health Department is warning residents about anaplasmosis a tick-borne disease. Officials say the disease is transmitted by the same black leg tick that transmits Lyme disease and is the most common tick in VT.

As of September, 133 cases of anaplasmosis have been reported compared to 127 cases for all of 2015.

Bradly Tompkins infectious disease epidemiologist says over one-third of people with anaplasmosis that were reported in VT were sick enough to be hospitalized, Symptoms can include fever, headache, chills and muscle aches. Anaplasmosis can be successfully treated with antibiotics, especially if treatment is given early. Tompkins urges people to not drop their guard just because summer is over and continue to use repellents, check for ticks daily, remove ticks right away, and to call your health care provider if you get any of the above symptoms after a tick bite.

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