Dingleton Bridge Damaged Again!

dingle-bridgeFor the third time in 12 months a vehicle has caused damage to the historic Dingleton Covered Bridge in Cornish. The damaged occurred to the top of the bridge on the Root Hill side. Witnesses describe a full size white pick-up truck having landscaping markings on its side and towing a trailer with a generator type item. Several large pieces of wood went through the bridge about 1:30 pm on Monday.  The suspected vehicle was traveling from Mill Village Rd to Root Hill Road and across the bridge.

The covered bridge was first damaged last February when a school bus made a wrong turn, and then again in June by an unknown vehicle.

Anyone with information on this vehicle is asked to call the Cornish Police Department at (603) 543-0535 or email at Cornish.Police@Comcast.Net.

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