Wrong Way Driver Kills 5 Teens, Injures 8 Others

fatal accidentFive Vermont teens were killed when Tacoma Truck driving north in the south bound lane on I-89 in hit their Volkswagen Jetta and causing it roll of the road and catch fire. Vermont State Police say the accident happened just before midnight on Saturday in the town of Bolton.  Williston police were first on the scene and trying to extinguish the fire engulfed Jetta.  The driver of the Tacoma Truck, Steven Bourgoin 36, jumped in the Williston police cruiser and started driving south at a high rate of speed.  When Bourgoin noticed a police cruiser ahead he turned around and began travelling north in the southbound lane crashing into seven more cars. Bourgoin was taken into custody and transported to the University of Vermont Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

The five teens killed in the crash were Mary Harris 16, Cyrus Zschau 16 both of Moretown, Liam Hale 16, Janie Cozzi 15, both of Fayston, and Eli Brookens, 16 of Waterbury.  Eight others from the second crash were transported to UVM medical Center with non-life threatening injures.

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