Sunapee Moves Forward with Advisory Committee


l-r Linda Tanner. Ronald Culpa

Sunapee is moving forward with their new Advisory Budget Committee. At Monday’s Select Board Meeting Ronald Culpa and Linda Tanner were unanimously voted in as new committee members. They join John Brandolini and Veronica Hastings.  One opening on the committee remains since David Andrews resigned prior to the meeting.

The ABC replaces the Budget Advisory Committee that was fired last year but John Btandolini is the one member who remains on the new committee.

Select Board Chair, Josh Trow explained that after legally looking into what voters passed on the Town Warrant in 1988 the new committee is more in line with the voter’s wishes.

The ABC Committee for the town consists of Department Heads, Select Board Members, five members of the public at large and the Town Manager as an adviser.   For Sunapee School District the ABC Committee consists of School Board Members, School Department Members and the same five citizens at large with the Superintendent being an advisor.    The Town’s Department heads will present their budgets hear budget on Friday, Oct. 28 starting at 8:00 am.  Anyone interested in filling the open position for citizen at large on the ABC should contact Town Manager Donna Nashawaty (603)763-2212 Ext 11 prior to the budget presentation.

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