Political Signs Being Defaced and Removed in Croydon

rotten-demsFor the third time since the NH Primary the large Trump sign in Croydon Flat has been vandalized. Nearby residents say it appears the sign was vandalized between 3:30 and 4:15 pm on Friday. About 8 smaller Trump signs along RT 10 also have been stolen in recent months. In addition to a sign for Janet Gibson the Republican Candidate for Sullivan County Register of Deeds was cut out of its wooden frame. Gibson said she is going replace the sign with homemade wooden sign because the destroyed sign cost $100.00. Gibson also reported that several of her smaller signs in Croydon were taken.


what remains of Janet Gibson’s sign

Croydon’s Police Chief Richard Lee said, he is in Croydon Flat often and unless he sees someone doing damage to the sign there isn’t much he can do.  Lee works 34 hours a week and is the town’s only police officer.

Lee suggested to put a game camera up to catch the person/persons vandalizing the signs.  When asked if the town would provide one, Lee said the Select Board has turned down his past requests for one.   The Chief is asking for the residents of Croydon to report anything suspicious they see or hear by calling the Croydon Police Department at 863-5115. As a reminder, under NH RSA 664:17 it is against the law for anyone to remove, deface or knowingly destroy any political advertising which is placed on public property.   Violations are punishable by civil penalty of up   to $1,000.

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