Claremont’s Police Chief Offers Guidelines for Halloween

halloween-pumpkinsPolice Chief Alexander Scott is recommending that Trick-or-Treating take place in Claremont on Monday, October 31st, between 5 and 8 PM. The Claremont Parks and Recreation Department will again be hosting a Hallowesta celebration from 3 to 5 PM on Pleasant Street, Opera House Square and Broad Street Park.  For more information about Hallowesta please visit


The following safety tips are suggested in order to keep Halloween a safe and enjoyable event:

Small goblins should wear bright,flame-resistant costumes (consider applying reflective tape to costumes or trick-or-treat bags for greater visibility).

  • Remove any mask that will limit visibility when crossing
  • Carry a flashlight,and stay in a group: walk A parent or responsible adult should accompany young children on their rounds.
  • Visit homes and businesses in your neighborhood
  • Do not eat treats before an adult can examine them at

To keep the celebration safe at your home:

  • Eliminate tripping hazards near your porch and
  • Make sure the way is well-lighted
  • Consider fire safety when decorating
  • Use caution with lighted candles

The Claremont Police Department will have additional police patrols on duty this Halloween to help ensure a happy and safe Halloween!

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