Over 20 Individuals Indicted On Heroin Trafficking Charges

herionConcord, New Hampshire – United States Attorney Emily Gray Rice and Michael J. Ferguson, the Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration, New England Field Division, announced today that over 20 individuals recently were indicted in federal court in Concord in connection with their participation in heroin trafficking activities.

On October 5, 2016, the following individuals were charged by indictment with participating in a conspiracy that distributed over one kilogram of heroin:

  • Alberto Guerrero Marte, 33, of Lowell, Mass.;
  • Santos Guerrero Morillo, 36, of the Dominican Republic;
  • Michell DeJesus, 36, of Lowell, Mass.;
  • FNU LNU (FIRST NAME UNKNOWN LAST NAME UNKNOWN), a/k/a Luis Rodriguez Lugo, a/k/a Boss, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • FNU LNU, a/k/a Maribel Santiago-Ramos, a/k/a La Cuna, a/k/a Miguelina, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • Allison DeJesus, 18, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • Jonaly DeJesus, 21, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • Allan Raymond Pimentel, 20, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • Santo Rodolfo Garcia Mendez, 32, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • Wilkin Andre Beltre Arias, 38, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • Heibrahim DelValle Baez, 32, of Salem, Mass.;
  • Alfredo Gonzalez, 49, of Manchester, NH;
  • Querzon Baez, 34, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • Pedro Carlos Vicente Guerrero a/k/a Omar Camacho, 47, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • FNU LNU, a/k/a Tony, a/k/a Edward Garcia, a/k/a Eric Guerrero, 30, of Lawrence, Mass.; and
  • FNU LNU, a/k/a Jose Pimentel, a/k/a Todolindo, a/k/a El Lindon, a/k/a Lindy, 25, of Lawrence, Mass.

On the same day, a second related indictment charged the following individuals with conspiring to distribute heroin:

  • Ramon Rodriguez, 70, of Methuen, Mass.;
  • Amy Tremblay, 35, of Haverhill, Mass.;
  • Judith Ardolino, 53, of Haverhill, Mass.;
  • Mary Levis, 59, of Haverhill, Mass.;
  • Gayle McNamara, 55, of Lawrence, Mass.;
  • Kevin Roche, 49, of Haverhill, Mass.;
  • Jessica Sederquest, 37, of Manchester, NH;
  • Eric Sederquest, 35, of Manchester, NH; and
  • Stephen J. Tolmie, 53, of Raymond, NH.
  • FNU LNU a/k/a Tony, a/k/a Edward Garcia, a/k/a Eric Guerrero, 30, of Lawrence, Mass., also has been charged in a separate indictment with two counts of distribution of fentanyl and one count of conspiracy to distribute fentanyl.

Between October 12, 2016 and October 25, 2016, almost all of the above individuals have been arrested or were already in custody on other charges.  Heibrahim DelValle Baez and Santos Guerrero Morillo remain fugitives.

The case was investigated by the DEA; Homeland Security Investigations; the Massachusetts State Police; the Haverhill Police Department; the United States Marshals Service; the New Hampshire State Police; the Manchester Police Department; the Lawrence Police Department; the Lowell Police Department, the Methuen Police Department, and the Hillsborough County Drug Task Force. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Georgiana L. Konesky and Donald Feith

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