NH DHHS Issues Information on National Naloxone Recall

naloxoneConcord, NH – In light of a recall notice issued by a naloxone manufacturer, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has confirmed that kits of the opioid overdose reversal medication procured through the DHHS Naloxone Kit Distribution Campaign, and made available to community health organizations, are not affected by the recall. DHHS is alerting individuals and organizations of the recall due to the potential that individuals could have obtained the affected kits through other sources.

“The Department has reviewed the recall notice, compared the product codes of the recalled kits with the State’s inventory of naloxone, and confirmed that the naloxone kits available through public health networks, community health centers, and other community organizations are not affected by the recall,” said DHHS Emergency Services Director Leigh Cheney. “The naloxone that individuals received from DHHS through a community health organization will work safely and effectively as intended.”

Naloxone manufacturer Teleflex Medical recently issued a recall for naloxone kits manufactured in 2016 because the atomizers, the device that turns liquid medication into a mist when administered, are producing a stream instead of a mist, which can reduce the effectiveness of the medication. The naloxone procured by DHHS was either purchased from Teleflex Medical before the recalled batch was manufactured or purchased from different manufacturers. The naloxone that individuals received from DHHS through a community health organization will work as effectively as intended.

Following the passage of House Bill 271 in June 2015, DHHS began the Naloxone Kit Distribution Campaign. The State has made naloxone available to healthcare and social service providers to provide kits free of charge to those who cannot afford them or do not have insurance that will cover them. People at risk for opioid overdose, as well as their family and friends, can obtain a kit by contacting participating providers who serve them, or at community events organized by the State’s Regional Public Health Networks. For more information on obtaining naloxone through the Naloxone Kit Distribution Campaign, please visitnhtreatment.org/nh-community-health-centers-with-free-naloxone-kits. People may also purchase naloxone over the counter from certain pharmacies in New Hampshire or ask their healthcare provider for a prescription that is covered by their health insurance.

Individuals, providers, pharmacies, and other organizations with an inventory of naloxone should immediately discontinue use of the affected naloxone kits and call Teleflex Medical at 866-246-6990 to learn how to return them.


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