Rescued Chihuahuas Go to Animal Rescue League of Bedford

dog-rescue-one-1Twenty-one Chihuahuas rescued from a back-yard breeder in Croydon on Saturday are now at Animal Rescue League in Bedford NH. The dogs were surrendered to Andrea Conger of Chelsea’s Footprints in Grantham by Petrina Newcomb.    Andrea Conger said many of the dogs have health problems and some of their vet needs involve mammary gland surgery, eye surgeries, immunizations, flea treatment, dental work, mobility devices, braces and seizure disorder treatment in addition to being sprayed and neuter. Andrea is glad the dogs will be getting the medical treatment they need.

Croydon  Police Chief Richard Lee said he received four phone calls in recent weeks about the dogs, but unable to gain access into the home to check on their condition.  Lee said in 2014, 50 of 72 Chihuahuas were surrendered from the same home to the Upper Valley Humane Society and Lee served the owners with 48 violations for not having rabies or licenses for the dogs. Lee said bringing charges of animal neglect or cruelty has been difficult since no is willing to give him a written statement.

Maureen Prendergast, Director of Outreach and Investigations for the Animal Rescue League refused to comment on any aspect of the rescue saying it was too early and an assessment has not yet been made.

A cat that was also surrendered was taken by the Sullivan County Humane Society. Anyone wishing to donate to help pay for veterinary costs for the Chihuahuas can mail it to the Animal Rescue League of NH, 545 Rte 101, Bedford NH 03110 and mark it Croydon Rescue.

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