Dartmouth Students Organized Anti-Trump March

dartmouthgreenProtests against Donald Trump winning the US Presidency broke out yesterday not only in major US cities but in Hanover. Yesterday afternoon over 300 Dartmouth students, faculty and Upper Valley community members joined in a “Walk for Love and Justice”. The event was a protest against President Elect   Donald J. Trump.

Alyssa Jorgensen ’17 and Ashley Zepeda ’18 and others organized the event. The march began at the Green following a sit in where on Tuesday night students had camped out and held a sit in. The protest started with about 100 and ended up with a crowd of about 300.

Protesters shouted “Love trumps hate,” “No justice no peace,” “F#ck Donald Trump” and “Black Lives Matter.” Demonstrators occupied the right lane of Main Street and brought traffic to a standstill on Main Street.

2 thoughts on “Dartmouth Students Organized Anti-Trump March

  1. bruce lather

    it’s great to see people demonstrating against trump. he is certainly, a racist, sexist, fascist. and he will NOT be my president. there needs to be lots of pushback until we can get him out of office!


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