Colby-Sawyer College Restructuring

colby-sawyer collegeYesterday, Colby Sawyer’s President Susan Stuebne announced that 48 positions at the facility will be affected due to restructuring. Seven faculty and 11 staff positions are being eliminated in addition to five faculty and 14 staff members leaving that will not be replaced due to attrition. Modifications in hours, days, or months worked will also affect another 11 staff members.

The restructuring comes after the college hired a consultant firm to help the institution better manage resources and operate at optimal size. In past years, the college’s enrollment has fluctuated between 1,500 and 1,100 and operating at a loss of more than $2 million with the current year’s projections showed another loss of $2.6 million. The extensive analyses suggested the college’s optimal size will be closer to this year’s enrollment of 1,100 students.

The college is also looking at residency requirements along with pricing strategies that optimizes the student experience while also attending to institutional revenue needs.


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