Lebanon Man Arrested for Heroin Sales

On December 14, 2016, the Lebanon Police Department, in cooperation with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force, and the Enfield Police Department arrested Brian Burgess, age 40, of Mechanic Street in Lebanon for two counts of Sale of the Controlled Drug Heroin, a Class B Felony. Burgess was also charged with two misdemeanors of Theft by Deception and Theft by Unauthorized Taking on valid Lebanon Police arrest warrants from a separate investigation.
Burgess was held after refusing bail and is due to be arraigned today, December 15, at the Lebanon District Division, New Hampshire Second Circuit Court.

One thought on “Lebanon Man Arrested for Heroin Sales

  1. Alfred Livingstone III

    Great job LPD N ENFIELD P D AND THE GOVERNORS TASK FORCE.Way to get another death dealing piece of shit off the streets.Now lets hope our wonderful legal system does its job n finds him guilty on all counts.May he get maximum sentencing and if he knows who sold the Heroin that killed Angela may he rot in prison.


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