1941 Building To Be Demolished

1941 BuildingThe Kearsarge Regional School Board has budgeted $160,000 to pay for the demolition of New London’s 1941 Central School. Most of the building will be demolished but the board wants to create a new professional development center in the part that was once was the school’s cafeteria. School Board Chairman Ken Bartholomew of Warner explained the $160,000 budget breakdown, $130,000 would pay for the demolition, $20,000 for repairs to the fire suppression and HVAC systems and $10,000 for an architectural study for the remaining space. He added that the board has not made any final decision on how the retained space will be used.

11 thoughts on “1941 Building To Be Demolished

  1. Suzie Gordon

    Please don’t demolish this Historic building! Kearsarge Regional School District should sell it to the town of New London! I am sure that it could be put to good use!

    1. Ken Bartholomew

      Dear Suzie,

      After several months of discussion, the New London Selectmen have decided that the town is not interested in leasing or renovating the building and will not be bringing that option to the voters at the town meeting. We will be discussing lease remaining parts of the old middle school, such as the library, to the town.

    2. Denise Mason

      The town of New London doesn’t want it…they were offered it when the school district moved the middle school and it is cost prohibitive to get it up to code.

  2. Nancy R Palmer

    If you must, please save, if possible, the Lettering on the front. It was given to the school by the class of 1955! Sure will miss that visual reminder of our education, grades 1 through 12!

    1. Ken Bartholomew

      Thank you for the information, Nancy. I will pass it along. I’m sure something can be done with the lettering.


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