Fish Records Set in Vermont

vermont-fish-and-wildlifeTwo Record setting fish were caught in Vermont last year. Vermont Fish and Wildlife announced on Friday that two fish caught in 2016 were certified as new state records making the 14 and 15 state records set for individual species of fish since 2010.

John Konya of Bradford caught a new record bluegill in August while fishing with a nightcrawler and silver spinner on Miller Pond in West Fairlee. The bluegill weighted 1.98 lbs. and was 12.25 inches long with a girth of 12.5 breaking the 2008 record of a 1.93 lb. bluegill caught in Lake Champlain.

In August New York angler Joseph Whalen Jr. landed the new Vermont record freshwater drum while fishing in Lake Champlain. The drum weighed 25.54 pounds, measured 34.5 inches in length and was 26.5 inches around at its widest point

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