Truck Through Ice and Plane Crash At Alton Bay

NH-Fish-GameAlton Bay – On Sunday afternoon, at around 12:00 PM, NH Fish and Game Conservation Officers were dispatched to Lake Winnipesaukee, in the area of Sandy Point in Alton, for a motor vehicle that broke through thin ice.  Through interviews it was determined that Scott Johnson, age 46 of New Durham, was attempting to remove a bob house when his 2004 Chevrolet pickup broke through thin ice and became partially submerged off of Sandy Point.  Nobody was injured as a result of this accident and arrangements were being made to remove the truck from the lake.

During the investigation of the vehicle through the ice, Conservation Officers witnessed a plane crash.  The plane landed upside down after attempting a take-off from the Alton Bay runway.  Conservation Officers rushed to assist the pilot and single passenger.  Officers ascertained that both pilot and passenger were entrapped inside the cockpit. Bystanders assisted in lifting the tail of the plane, while Conservation Officers used their expandable batons to break the glass of the cockpit and extricate both passenger and pilot.   The pilot sustained minor injuries while passenger was uninjured  The plane was left where it landed and an investigation by the F.A.A. was pending. The pilot and passenger were husband and wife and had flown to Alton Bay from  New Jersey.

Outdoor enthusiasts are reminded to check ice conditions before setting out.  Just because ice is safe in one area, does not necessarily mean it is safe in other areas of the lake.  With warming temperatures, ice and snow conditions are deteriorating.

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