Croydon Makes Gains in School Choice

croydon village schoolThe Croydon School District has made gains in its battle with the State Board of Education. On January 20, the NH Supreme Court ruled in favor Croydon, granting them their requested 3-month stay. The stay allows Croydon to continue sending students to the Newport Montessori School using tax dollars.  The reason for the stay was pending legislation which would allow school districts to use tax money to send students to qualifying private schools if there is no public school available in the district. The Croydon School Board must return to court by April 20 with a report on the legislation’s progress.

Yesterday the NH State Senate passed the bill and Governor Chris Sununu has voiced his support.  “I applaud the Senate’s actions today, passing legislation that further promotes and protects local control in public education through providing parents greater choice and flexibility and empowering local school boards to make the best decisions for their communities, I encourage members of the House to embrace this legislation and I look forward to the opportunity to sign these important bills into law.”

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