Two South Newbury Buildings Added to Historical Register

south-newburyThe South Newbury church and the former schoolhouse have been added to NH State Register of Historic Places.

In 19th Century New Hampshire the South Newbury Union Church was used for church services and for public and town meetings from when it was first built in 1831 thru 1878, when a town hall was constructed. The church is a well-preserved example of a Greek Revival meetinghouse, it still has several original architectural details, including patterned moldings and four-panel inner doors that open to the aisles between the pews.

The District School House #5 that sits next to the church was built in 1853 and served as the educational center of South Newbury Village for over100 years. The one-and-a-half story building has a distinctive bank of six windows and an off-set entrance. It embodies the evolution in educational needs experienced by Newbury across several generations. Today the school is known as the Friendship House and serves as meeting space for the South Newbury Union Church.

For more information, visit or by calling 603-271-3483.

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