Spaulding Wins School Board Seat

Bert Spaulding won the write in vote for a three term for the Newport School Board. There was no candidate on the ballot for the seat that is being vacated by Shannon Howe.  Spaulding was one of many write-in candidates and won the seat with a total of 18 votes.  He was notified of his victory last night.

Robert Scott retained his long-term seat as school clerk and school treasurer as well as Howard Dunn who retained his seat as school Moderator.

All but one School District Warrant Articles passed, Article 6which asked to transfer the sum of $200,000 from fund balance to fund a one year pilot behavior support program in Richards Elementary School. Article 4 which asked to transfer up to $50,000 from fund balance to the Unanticipated Educational Services Expendable Trust Fund, passed by four votes 216 – 212.

431 voters braved the elements to vote in the Annual School District Meeting.

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