Ice Flies Off TT and Injures Motorist

Just after 8:45 am this morning, VSP Williston Troopers responded to the report of ice through the front windshield of a Chevy Tahoe  on U.S. Route 7 in Charlotte. Upon arrival VSP found that ice came off the top of a commercial motor vehicle with a red cab and white lettering on its trailer traveling south  and flew onto the Tahoe  driven by Celeste N. Brasseur in the NB lane. The ice struck went through the front windshield into the face of Brasseur who lost control and traveled off the east side of U.S. Route 7. The road was closed for short time.

A BOL (be on the lookout was aired to) Vergennes P.D. as well as VSP New Haven in an attempt to I.D. the operator of the Commercial Motor Vehicle. No registration plate was obtained from the truck. Operator#1 was transported to UVMC by Charlotte Rescue with significant facial lacerations. Troopers were assisted at the scene by Charlotte Rescue and Fire.

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