Dartmouth See Regular Acceptance Down

Dartmouth College offered admission to 2,092 students for the Class of 2021 on Thursday. The College received 20,034 applications and the acceptance rate was 10.4 percent. Although it is the lowest rate of admissions since 2013, early admissions were up 3.7 percent this year and represent 47 percent of the 2021 class.

California is the most represented home state, followed by New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida.

There will be more foreign students with 255 students from 63 foreign countries, a 38 percent increase. Of international students’ home countries, the United Kingdom, Canada and South Korea are the most represented. Nearly half of international students will be offered need-based financial aid.

Fifty-one percent of U.S accepted students are students of color a trend continued from last year where 51.6 of accepted students from the Class of 2020 were of color, then the most racially diverse class in the College’s history. Of the anticipated majors, engineering, economics, biology, government or international relations and English are the most common.

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