New Scam Targets Nail Salons

The NH Attorney General’s Office is issued a scam alert for owners of nail salons. The scam caller falsely claims that the call originates from the Cosmetology Board and asks for credit card information in order to perform a mandated inspection.

The Cosmetology Board does not charge a fee or require credit card information to perform an inspection. Any salon owner receiving one of these calls is encouraged to call the Cosmetology Board before providing any payment information.

All consumers are warned never to give out personal, banking or credit card information without sure and definite verification that the person receiving that information is legitimate. Always be highly suspicious of unsolicited calls asking for personal information or for money in any form. Never send money or provide credit card information to unknown persons. When in doubt, consult with a trusted relative or friend before sending any money. Anyone in New Hampshire with consumer related concerns or complaints can call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Bureau hotline at 1-888-468-4454. Consumers can file a complaint at or by visiting our Facebook page – New Hampshire Attorney General Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau.

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