Sunapee School Board Seats Former Member

On Wednesday the Sunapee School Board unanimously appointed a former school board member to fill the seat vacated by Heather Furlong.  April Royce who was appointed withdrew her re election bid shortly before the March 2017 election, citing a family medical situation, though her name was still on the ballot.  The family member has since recovered allowing her to apply for the position.

At the March 23 meeting some Sunapee residents expressed hope that the board would appoint John Augustine who received 231 votes in the March 14, election, behind Edward G. Anderson with 273, and the winner Jesse Tyler with 325.  April Royce came in last with 110 votes behind Veronica Hastings who received 133 votes.

Royce was also voted to be the Vice Chair of the board and will serve the remainder of Heather Furlong’s term which expires in March of 2019.

Furlong resigned following her husband’s arrest in March. Joseph Furlong and Londonderry NH resident Adam Gaw allegedly altered an email written by then-school board candidate Janice Bettencourt to present her in an unfavorable light prior to the 2016 school board election that Heather Furlong won.

Joseph Furlong was charged with several misdemeanors, including one count of false reports to law enforcement, two counts of false documents, names and endorsements, and three counts of forgery. Adam Gaw was charged with three counts of forgery and two counts of false documents, names and endorsements.

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