Unity School District Settles with Vaughn Associates Inc.

File photo of Unity School in June 2014 prior to completion

A dispute between the Unity school district and an architect has been resolved.

In a statement this week, the school district said a settlement between the Unity School District and Scott Vaughn and Vaughn Associates Inc. (VAI) was arrived at after an 11-hour mediation session held on March 3 before a U.S. District Court magistrate in Concord.

In August 2010, voters approved Vaughn’s school plan for a $4.7 million structure after the state ordered Unity Elementary School closed for fire and building code violations. The project was burdened with delays and rising prices causing Vaughn to resign in 2014. Trumbull-Nelson of Hanover completed the project which ended up costing $9 million dollars.

Under the terms of the settlement, neither side admitted any wrongdoing VAI’s insurance will pay $425,000.00 to the District.  After they receive the payment the district will pay $100,000 to VAI to settle VAI’s counterclaims. Attorneys for the District have also agreed to discount the District’s outstanding legal bills by $25,000.00. “The Board believes that the settlement is the best outcome for the District given the circumstances,” the district said in its statement this week.


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