Cardigan Mountain Hikers In Need of Assistance

 Alexandria- At approximately 6:00 pm on April 16, Fish and Game Officials were notified of a 911 call from 4 hikers requesting assistance on Cardigan Mountain in Alexandria.  Peter Pepin, 19, Cory Brotz, 18, Logan Pond, 18, and Derek Purnell, 18, all from Derry, NH were hiking from the AMC Mt. Cardigan Lodge to the summit of Cardigan Mountain.  Prior to reaching the summit they encountered wind and rain.  They called 911 and requested assistance because they said they were unable to descend on the trail they had hiked up on because it was too treacherous.  The hikers were unable to tell Fish and Game Officials what trail they had hiked up on or what trail they were currently on.  Luckily, 911 operators were able to provide a GPS coordinate from where the call was made.


Fish and Game Conservation Officers and a member from the Alexandria Fire Department responded to the scene and began hiking to the distressed hikers last known location.  At around 8:45 pm the hikers showed up at the AMC parking lot where they had originally started their hike.  They told Fish and Game officers that they were able to hike out on their own.   They said that when they realized rescuers might not reach them until after dark they decided they could actually hike out on their own.


All of the hikers were dressed in shorts and t-shirts.  Only one hiker had hiking boots.  They had no extra clothing or gear.  They also had no map or compass.  The only item any of the four hikers carried was a bottle of water.


Hikers are reminded that conditions on the trails can change rapidly.  They need to be prepared with proper gear and check weather forecasts before they begin their hikes to ensure they have the proper gear for the changing weather conditions.  For safe hiking tips and a list of essential gear, visit

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