Gas Leak Closes West Street in Keene

A gas leak is repaired after West Street in Keene was shut down for several hours yesterday. Deputy Fire Chief Jeffrey Chickering said they were notified of a gas reading from a manhole shortly after 3:00 pm. Firefighters discovered gas in an Eversource Vault and triggered a 1st Alarm.

The leak was found in a Liberty owned city gas pipe that feeds 19 – 25 West Street. Liberty Utilities was able to cut the pipe and plug the line to stop the leak. The incident was called under control just before 8:30 pm.  There were no gas readings in any of the surrounding buildings throughout the incident.

Keene crews were assisted on scene by Liberty Utilities, Brattleboro Fire, Keene Police, Keene Public Works, and Eversource.

This is the third gas emergency experienced by Keene. The first was a citywide emergency in December of 2015 when a faulty mixture of gas at Liberty’s Keene production facility created carbon monoxide giving off gas fumes.  Then in December of 2016, a crack in a gas pipe was discovered on Russell Street.

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