All NH Boaters Must Pump Out Waste

The New Hampshire Department of Environment al Services (NHDES) reminds all boaters that all of NH waters even coastal waters are federally designated as No Discharge Areas. All boat sewage even if treated must go in a holding tank and emptied at a stationary or mobile facility.  NHDES owns a mobile pump out boat, the Royal Flush that provides this service free in the coastal zone of northern NH. The Royal Flush is expected to launch with new engines in June.  There is also a free mobile pump out boat service in Hampton Harbor, which is expected to be available in early May pending pre-season repair work. To request a pump out please call and make an appointment. For the Royal Flush call (603) 670-5130 or use VHF 9. For the Hampton Harbor pump out boat call 603-PUMPOUT (603) 786-7688.  You will need to contact NHDES for a request form prior to your first pump out.

You  can download the application here.

A map of stationary pump out stations is here.


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