NY Man Sentenced for Trafficking Drugs in VT

A  New York man was sentenced to 110 months in Federal Prison for Selling Oxycodone and Laundering Money in VT. Michael J. Foreste, nicknamed “Beast,” was convicted last October on 10 charges involving his trafficking of oxycodone and money laundering in Vermont.

Court Documents showed Foreste received the oxycodone pills through a NYC police officer Andre Clark who received them from his sister Carol Clark. Carol Clark was receiving 100’s of oxycodone pills each month for a sickle cell disease.  Foreste would transported the pills to Vermont and sell them on his own until  April 2012 when Vermont State Police stopped Foreste and seized 659 oxycodone pills on I-91. After his arrest and conviction, Foreste started sending the oxycodone pills in Skittle bags to middleman, Dannis Hackney to sell in the Burlington area.  Evidence at the trial showed the drug scheme produced more than $500,000 in profit for Foreste and was laundered between the four accomplices using various bank accounts. Foreste’s convictions and sentencing were the result of a multi-agency investigation and prosecution beginning back in mid-2014, spearheaded by Homeland Security Investigations.

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