VT Man Pleads Guilty to Sending Indecent Materials to Minor

A Moretown VT man will not serve any time in jail for Luring a Child, Disseminating Indecent Materials to a Minor and Marijuana Cultivation.  VT Attorney General Thomas J. Donovan announced late Friday that Bradley Baril was sentenced on May 18, in Vermont Superior Court after pleading guilty to the charges.

The charges stem from contact Baril made with a 13-year old girl in Missouri. An investigation the Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force revealed that Baril engaged in online conversations and sent the girl a video of him masturbating. While executing a search warrant at Baril’s residence 35 marijuana plants were discovered as part of cultivation operation Baril had in his basement.

The State argued for a sentence of seven to 12 years with all suspended but three years to serve in prison. The court sentenced Mr. Baril to two years and 10 months to six years, all suspended except for four months of home confinement and probation for 10 years. While on probation, Mr. Baril will be subject to special conditions of probation designated for sex offenders, including conditions that require him to successfully complete sex offender treatment and limit his access to the internet and to children under the age of 16. Mr. Baril will also be required to register as a sex offender.

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