Croydon Tuition Bill Passes House

Good news for Croydon students. Senate Bill SB-8 , a town tuitioning bill often referred to as the Croydon Bill passed the NH House in a roll call vote of 210 – 147 across party lines.  An amendment was added to the original bill. The amendment empowers local school boards to make contracts with non-sectarian private schools as “school tuition programs.”

The amendment is consistent with existing practices. School districts often provide private school placement for students with special needs, and some extend that opportunity for other students as well. They may also do so per the Manifest Educational Hardship statute.

The amended bill now goes to the Senate Education Committee where they will determine if it should go to the Full Senate for another vote, or negotiate the differences between the versions passed by each body.

Governor Sununu issued the following statement on the Bill passing the House. “I look forward to signing SB 8 and fulfilling a commitment I made to the citizens of our state. Parents, children, and school districts must have the ability to choose the education path that is best suited for them and this legislation will ensure that small school districts have flexibility in choosing that path. This bill will not only resolve Croydon’s situation but will also benefit more than a dozen small districts across the state.”

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